Building for New User vs. Power User

When we built version 1 of Freecharge, it was targeted at first time online transacting users. The transaction flow had more explanations regarding “Why” a certain info was required and “How To”. We even had to explain things like we are safe to transact. The media coverage helped. We did succeed but the flow was slow for repeat users.

In 2011-12 when Paytm was becoming popular they were particularly attracting the power users. Faster flows, coupon screen could be skipped, maintain wallet, recharge over IVR. The users who only wanted a clean and fast recharge moved to Paytm.

Had Freecharge started with a power user flow, we may have never succeeded. It would have been impossible to explain things with minimalist UI. Had Paytm launched with the first time user UI, there would be no reason to move to Paytm.

I recently moved all my family’s MF to Kuvera. While there are many apps trying to get users to buy Mutual Fund through them, Kuvera has 2 features that gets the power user i.e. single sign-in for family accounts and ability to import old transaction. MF is a complicated product for first time user to figure out on their own online. Once the power users are captured through these features, these users can influence the laggards as well.

Depending on what you are building and when, it is important to note if you are building for first time users or a more valuable product for a power user.

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